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Ceramika WR - Experienced Boleslawiec Ceramists  Over 40 years of experience A Polish city located in the west of Poland, famous for its ceramic products. This is, of course, Boleslawiec. It is here, and to be more precise in Raciborowice Gorne, located a few kilometers away, where ceramics is created not only with the heart, but primarily based on experience and a unique and world-renowned stamp technique. The ceramic products manufactured in the facility are hand-painted and their unique plant and flower decorations are designed by the designers of Ceramika WR. Ceramic products are decorated with traditional Boleslawiec stamp patterns. Boleslawiec Ceramics not only in Polish homes The company cooperates with numerous foreign and domestic customers, which are guaranteed high quality...
of products. The plant exports its products, among others to the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and South Korea. It is also often presented at fairs in Poland and abroad. That is why Ceramika WR is a guarantee of quality and attention to every detail. Diversity and a wide selection at the highest level In addition to the popular bowls, baking dishes and cutlery, a wide selection of vases of various shapes attracts special attention, referring to both the latest trends and tradition. The company produces over 170 various decorations divided into four categories. WR combines tradition with modernity, creating a product that is diverse and recognizable all over the world, quintessence of Boleslawiec ceramics. Ceramika WR's offer includes both table ceramics and decorative products, e.g. jugs, vases, flower pot covers, Christmas decorations, candlesticks and other unique items. Every meal can be a true feast Tableware, such as plates, cups, sugar bowls, porcelain vases or other dishes, offered by the wide selection of Ceramika WR, is the history of ceramics in Boleslawiec and it pleases the eye every day. The Boleslawiec ceramics produced with the stamp technique will add splendor to each family meeting at the table - candlesticks will give a rustic character, decorated boxes and containers will prove to be a functional, successful gift, hand-painted planters will bring out the beauty of plants, and seemingly ordinary napkin holder will complement the arrangement of each table. Everyone who adheres to the principle that you also eat with your eyes will appreciate the arrangement of the table and serving dishes on hand-decorated platters or bowls. It is also no secret that your favorite tea tastes best from the beautifully decorated mug or cup. Boleslawiec Ceramics has been synonymous with the highest quality for many years In their daily work, ceramists from Boleslawiec cultivate manual methods of decorating, based on unique plant and flower motifs. It is appreciated by customers all over the world who, tired of mass production, are looking for original things with a soul in which they can find a part of their creator's passion. It is worth mentioning that the dishes decorated with the stamp technique, apart from their aesthetic function, are also extremely durable. WR Ceramika, although they are truly unique and the decorations are intricate and detailed, are of the highest quality. Sets and single patterns Products made in this facility are great gifts. This manufacturer is not afraid of challenges, therefore it also undertakes unusual projects, thus creating real unique items. The products can be ordered in small quantities and can be personalized at the same time. Not only cups The choice of shapes offered by local ceramists is not limited only to household ceramics. The rich offer of the manufacturer also includes products whose task is primarily to fulfill a decorative function - clocks, bells, candlesticks and ceramic figurines will give a unique character to any interior. Plant motifs ... decoration of the plants themselves Wildflower or elegant bouquets - each of these options looks great in ceramic vases. On the other hand, flower pot covers, apart from their functionality, are a beautiful decoration. Ceramika WR products feature a wide range of plant motifs, such as lavender, pansies, roses, strawberries, daisies and sunflowers. Designers enrich the design with new, delightful patterns that allow you to create your own collections of dishes and decorations.
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WR Ceramika

Cup with Saucer Bell 0,22l / WR Ceramika / 17J / SM2 / Quality 1
Small cup with a handle. It can be part of a larger tea / coffee set or be used separately. Set comes with a small saucer.
62,00 zł
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Plate Krokus 19 / WR Ceramika / 5G / SM2 / Quality 1
Plates are used to serve dishes and they are a significant part of the tableware. We offer all kinds of plates: breakfast, dessert, dinner and salad. They also come in various shapes.
45,00 zł
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Bubble Mug Beczułka 0,2l / WR Ceramika / 14M / SM2 / Quality 1
The mug has the original shape of a barrel. Mugs can be of various capacities and shapes. They are available separately or in a set. Best for serving coffee or tea. We offer original shapes and a large selection of decorations.
Per request
Ladle Bowl / WR Ceramika / 51D / SM2 / Quality 1
A multifunctional kitchen accessory. It can work both as a soup ladle or a bowl. Original ornament.
Per request
Mug Mars 0,3l / WR Ceramika / 14B / SM2 / Quality 1
Mugs can be of various capacities and shapes. They are available separately or in a set. Best for serving coffee or tea. We offer original shapes and a large selection of decorations.
Per request



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