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Tax Free For Tourists / Travelers

1. Who can claim VAT Refund?

1.1. Tourist who is a resident of countries outside of the European Union is eligible to VAT refund on purchased goods.

1.2. Minimum purchase amount, including VAT, entitling to obtain tax refund is PLN 200.00 (rozp. Min.Fin. z dnia 20 kwietnia 2004r. (Dz.U.Nr 84 z 2004r poz.780)).

1.3. In order to obtain VAT refund, goods must be taken outside the territory of the EU in the original package in hand luggage, which must be confirmed by a customs officer.

1.4. The goods must be taken outside the territory of the European Union at the latest by the last day of the third month following the month in which goods have been purchased.

2. Ordering in on-line shop

2.1. When ordering in our on-line store at  in section “Remarks” enter your request for issuing a Tax Free Form.

2.2. Send us scan or photo pages of your passport containing your data and address outside of the EU.

2.3. Declare a method of obtaining a tax refund: bank transfer (don't forget to send us details of the bank: name of the bank, address, IBAN bank account number and SWIFT number).

2.4. Goods will be sent to the address where you are located on Polish territory. When you receive the goods you will be able to export it out of the territory of the European Union.

2.5. Purchased goods together with Tax Free Form cannot be sent outside the territory of Poland.

3. Customs Office

3.1. When leaving the territory of the EU, show purchased goods in the original package together with the Tax Free form with the attached receipt, your passport or national ID card to a customs officer.

3.2. Remember: Absence of Customs Officer Stamp on the Tax free For Tourists Form means no possibility for tax refund.

4. VAT Refund

4.1. If you have requested a tax refund to the bank account, you also may send a Tax Free For Tourists Form together with the attached cash receipt to the address: 

Healthy Supplements Zone Suwald Spółka Jawna
Fryderyka Chopina 19
59-700 Bolesławiec, Polska
NIP: 6121872334

4.2. Refund to the bank account will be made within 7 (seven) business days from the date of receipt of the Tax Free For Tourists Form by

4.3. VAT refund is made in Polish Zloty (PLN). In case of refund to the bank account is not responsible for any extra charges for receiving foreign bank transfers charged by the bank of the recipient of the transfer / client.

4.4. You may claim for tax refund within 10 months from the date of taking goods outside the territory of the European Union.

4.5. The basic VAT rate in Poland is 23%. Seller charges 3% commission on the value of VAT returned.

4.6. Tax Free sale is being registered in a dedicated customs IT system by shop. Declared data will be verified while crossing the border of UE.

In Poland, rules concerning VAT refund for foreign travelers are regulated by the Act of 11 March 2004 on the tax on goods and services - Section XII, Chapter 6, Art. 126-130 (J. L. No. 54, item 535 as amended)


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