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Is it safe to use ceramic dishes to bake in the oven?
Dishes with so-called grooved bottom are intended for baking and heating at a temperature of up to 280oC (536oF) in traditional ovens, on glass-ceramic plates and on electric fixed plates. 
The dish should be placed in the cold oven. When baking, the bottom of the pan should be completely covered with food, a layer of fat or liquid. 
Do not heat an empty dish.

Can ceramic dishes be washed in the dishwasher?
All dishes are dishwasher safe. This also applies to industrial dishwashers used in gastronomy. Ceramic products are durable, fired at high temperatures, which protects them against damage and fading of the decorations.

Can ceramic dishes be used in the microwave?
Yes, ceramic dishes are microwave safe and can be used to heat up food. Although, it is important not to heat an empty pan.

What type of food can I use the ceramic dishes for?
Ceramic dishes can be used for the preparation (cooking / baking) and serving of all dishes. Ceramic dishes have certificates allowing the products to come into contact with food (no substances harmful to health).

Are ceramic products covered by the warranty?
The products are covered by a two-year manufacturer's warranty, valid in Poland. To submit a warranty claim, proof of purchase is absolutely required, i.e. a receipt, bill, invoice.

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