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Fulfillment of Orders to Great Britain

Please be advised that the store CONTINUES TO CARRY OUT the shipment of parcels to Great Britain, which on December 31st 2020 left the European Union.  The only change is that your package has to go through customs now. Parcels that do not exceed the total amount of:
GBP 135
EUR 150
PLN 650
undergo simplified customs clearance and the customer is not charged with any customs costs or taxes. 

The store sends parcels to Great Britain with products not exceeding the value of GBP 135 / EUR 150 / PLN 650. The customers who plan to purchase products for more than GBP 135 / EUR 150 / PLN 650, must place two (or more) orders.

Please note that we ship parcels to the United Kingdom through the ROYAL MAIL.

All you have to do is add products to the cart and change the country of delivery to the UK.

The delivery time takes about 6-7 business days since the shipment from our warehouse. 

Enjoy your shopping!
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