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Main Page » Patterns » Manufaktura w Bolesławcu 0GZ1
Manufaktura w Bolesławcu 0GZ1
A combination of classic and modern. The graphic pattern features traditional white dots on a cobalt background combined with a slightly fancier element....
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Manufaktura w Bolesławcu 0GZ1

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Bowl Square 16 / Manufaktura w Bolesławcu / M139 / 0GZ1 / Quality  1
A deep serving dish, for salads, snacks, etc. It comes in various shapes and sizes.
Per request
Butter Dish Square / Manufaktura w Bolesławcu / M142 / 0GZ1 / Quality  1
A small, generally rectangular dish for storing and serving butter. It consists of two parts - a saucer / plate and a high lid.
Per request
Cup with Square Saucer / Manufaktura w Bolesławcu / F114 / 0GZ1 / Quality  1
Small cup with a handle. It can be part of a larger tea / coffee set or be used separately. Set comes with a small saucer.
Per request
Plate Square 22 / Manufaktura w Bolesławcu / T119 / 0GZ1 / Quality  1
Plates are used to serve dishes and they are a significant part of the tableware. We offer all kinds of plates: breakfast, dessert, dinner and salad. They also come in various shapes.
Per request
Sugar Bowl MM60 / Manufaktura w Bolesławcu / C045 / 0GZ1 / Quality  1
Part of the tableware. A small dish used for storing and serving sugar. It usually consists of two parts - a container and lid.
Per request



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