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Main Page » Boleslawiec Ceramics » Serving Dishes » Serving Dish Large / Pracownia Lapis Lazuli / 5326 / CH2 / Quality 1
Serving Dish Large / Pracownia Lapis Lazuli / 5326 / CH2 / Quality  1

Serving Dish Large / Pracownia Lapis Lazuli / 5326 / CH2 / Quality 1

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Large, decorative plates, larger than dinner plates. Usually rectangular. They are used to serve dishes. They come in various shapes and sizes.
25,5 CM
2,7 CM
0,546 KG
Manufacturer`s symbol
15,1 CM
All items sold by are free from harmful substances and have utility certificates. Products intended for contact with food.

Boleslawiec pottery items can be washed in the dishwasher. Bowls and platters with the so-called grooved bottom are intended for baking and heating dishes at a temperature of up to 280°C (536°F) in traditional ovens, on glass-ceramic plates and on electric fixed plates.

Hand made product. The decorations presented on the items are patterns made using the traditional stamp technique for ceramics from Boleslawiec and are painted with a brush. Each product is hand-painted, slight variations in decoration between individual items within one decoration are allowed.

What do the stamps on the bottom of the products mean?
Producers of Bolesławiec ceramics mark each product with their company logo. Another stamp used by most producers is "Hand made in Poland". Depending on the pattern, such stamps as: "unikat" / "exklusiv" can also be placed on the bottom.
Additional markings include the number of the pattern and/or the signature of the decorator characteristic of the most exclusive patterns.

The photos show real objects. Product colors may slightly differ from pictures, e.g. the shade of a given color. Photos and descriptions are the property of Copying is prohibited.

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Ceramics Manufacturer Lapis Lazuli

The name of this extraordinary producer of Boleslawiec ceramics refers to a metamorphic rock with a very characteristic, deep blue color. Lapis means stone and azuli is heaven. It is a semi-precious stone, also used for jewelery purposes, valued for its exceptionally beautiful combination of cornflower and blue shades.

The Lapis Lazuli ceramics studio combines the color of a rock with the traditional colors of dishes from Boleslawiec. The products are decorated in different colors, but blue plays a major role here.

Ceramika Lapis Lazuli - tradition and passion

Lapis Lazuli was established in 2017 as a small ceramic studio. It is located at Wroblewski Street in Boleslawiec. The short time of the studio's existence…


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